Cudos Digital Giftcards

Running down to a store to pick up a giftcard is no longer necessary because now you can "give on the go”. The time is here to go digital with giftcards and never look back. Who do you know that could use a Cudos Digital Giftcard today?

To send Cudos Digital Giftcards, first scroll through our selection of giftcard brands within Categories or use our Search field to find your favorite brand. Next, follow our simple steps to send giftcards to other iPhone and Android users. Recipients will be notified by email that a digital giftcard is waiting for them in the Mobile Wallet field of the Cudos app. Once they create an account with Cudos and login, their giftcard is waiting for them. It’s that easy.

It's That Easy!


Our app makes it effortless to send digital giftcards instantly!


Receive giftcards from family and friends, all stored within the app.


Use these giftcards the same way as you would a physical giftcard!

Download for free

Make sending and receiving gift cards as easy as possible. Simply download the app, sign up, and start sending!

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How it Works

Download App

First, you need to download the app from either the App Store (iOS), or Google Play Store (Android). Search for "Cudos Digital Giftcards" and look for our logo:

Register & Login

Now, create an account to store your giftcards. Once it is created, you can instantly login. There is even support for TouchID, so you can use your fingerprint on your iOS device.

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Send & Receive

You're all set up! Now you can send and receive digital giftcards to anyone, anywhere in the U.S. with an iPhone or Android!

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